PLEASE DO NOT SEND rolling book bags(they will not fit in the cubbies), ink pens, mechanical pencils, rulers, or pencil sharpeners.
*The following is a list of supplies which are needed.*
1 small pencil box
1 box of crayons (24 count)
1 package of yellow #2 pencils
1 box of washable markers
1 pair of Fiskar scissors
1 pair of Ear Buds for use with the computers
2 (70 page) spiral notebooks
8 glue sticks
2 boxes of Kleenex tissue
1 package Clorox wipes
1 box of gallon Ziploc bags (girls)
1 box of quart Ziploc bags (boys)
1 bottle of hand sanitizer

large paper plates, small paper plates, paper towels, 100 piece puzzles, age appropriate games, colored copy paper,colored card stock